"Higher education has had a strong presence in the area for many years, reflecting a statewide commitment." 

Letter from the Director...



Tammie Lucero

Executive Director

Economic Development


Energy Summit 2014


  • Hear influential leaders that hugely impact our economy
  • Learn about technological advances in energy
  • Find out more about the economic growth in the Uintah Basin
  • Event located at The Wester Park in Vernal, UT


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Robust Interactive Map

Looking for something specific in Uintah County?

  • City Limits, Sewage Lines, Roads, and other boundaries.
  • Future Land Usage and Zoning/Planning
  • Permits and other building information




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Uintah County Demographics

uintahcountyimageThe development of oil and gas resources continues to shape Uintah County's economy. Industries such as government, trade recreation services, along with Ute Indian Tribal enterprises are also adding to the county's economic diversity. The county's economic vitality closely parallels the price of oil on the international market...

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Development Partners

DevelopPartnersIt's all about connections. We know just who you need to know. Our partners throughout this region are ready to help you by providing details about their expertise. We have connections with all of the economic development organizations in the area, from cities and townships to economic departments. Whether you need distribution space, existing real estate or room to build, city-living or rural land, you'll find it in a community within our region.

Uintah County Economic Development

Businesses are discovering the distinct advantages that Uintah County can offer.  Located in-between Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado, Uintah County (Vernal/Naples) is one of the busiest retail hubs in Northeastern Utah, drawing consumers in from a 100 mile radius which includes Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.


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